Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Galena Public Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, provide cultural and recreational opportunities, and strengthen our community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Galena Public Library District communicates what a successful future will look like. The library is committed to:

  • Being a thriving community center for information, inspiration, and ideas that empower personal growth and provides a welcoming space that improves lives and connections;

  • Being a leading resource for educational support, self-directed, lifelong learning opportunities and literacy;

  • Being an outward-thinking organization that believes in the potential of each employee and invests in their professional success; and

  • Preservation of local history

Value statements

Innovation: We strive to identify innovative ways to approach new and familiar problems and provide value to our community

Inclusion: We create a welcoming, safe environment for everyone and provide a variety of services and resources in respect to our diverse community.

Historical Preservation: We invest in the preservation of information in all media and formats and are committed to our local history.

Collaboration: We place importance on the library’s ability to form and sustain partnerships with businesses and organizations in our community.

Patron-focused Service: We listen to and learn from our patrons in order to provide the best services and experience possible.

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